This Weeks Music Video with alt -J, Jenny Lewis, Spoon and Lykke Li

alt – J – Hunger of the Pine


Jenny Lewis – Just One of the Guys


Spoon – Do You


Lykke Li – Gunshot


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Single Review – AMP Live feat. Saint Tiimbre – Run Back

Amp Live - Run Back (feat.. Saint Tiimbre)

AMP Live is a producer from the acclaimed hip hop group Zion I, who is already known for being a highly accomplished programmer, producer and arranger. He’s releasing he debut UK album in Headphone Concerto on August 4th and in anticipation of this he has released the single ‘Run Back’ from the album which features Saint Tiimbre. The close and trembling string samples open the track to be joined by the small rotation of the tracks guitar loops and then the click beat to tie it all up. Once the instrumentals are tied down then the they can expand and change their form as they do along with the sweeping and airy vocal too, that is rotated itself next to the drowned out and dragged out vocal behind it. A refined and laid back track that is more intricate than you think.

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Sunday Suggestion – The Killers feat Lou Reed – Tranquilize

In 2007 and off the back of their second album Sam’s Town; The Killers wanted another song to add to their upcoming Sawdust release of a compilation of their B-sides. For Tranquilize they had the pleasure to work with Lou Reed and the resulting combination saw The Killers craft one of their most dark and coldest tracks in ‘Tranquilize’. The opening bass line almost creaks through the eerily whirring synths and straining riffs. Brandon Flower’s vocal enters in a slightly reassuring but uncertain fashion before being joined by the earthy growl of Lou Reed. The children’s choir vocals adds to the sense of unease as does the startling rapidity of the run up of the bridge section with the flashing synths and rising strings. By this point Flower’s sails his vocal as high as his range allows before it ends in a calm and sedated manner with Reed’s outro. A great song and for it’s one their best. An interesting collaboration that worked.

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It’s a cover up! Connan Mockasin/Anna Calvi & David Byrne – I’m The Man, That Will Find You

Last Year Connan Mockasin released the brilliantly enigmatic Caramel from which ‘I’m The Man, That Will Find You’ was one of the lead singles. It has a relaxed 70′s groove through distorted psychedelic shades. The vocals are presented in a similar style and it has fluid progression of a groove filled track but the space and washed out effect of a psychedelic track. A great fusion of the late 60′s and early 70′s. It’s a very surreal track while also sounding quite familiar at the same time and he’s maintained that level of peculiar yet easy quality his music has and so much so, it was almost a creepy and unsettling track in part.


This Week Anna Calvi and David Byrne released their cover of the track from their Strange Weather EP and Calvi makes it her own with ease and that is despite the innate peculiarity and individualistic nature of the track. She enforces her fluid and smooth baritone vocal upon the tracks lyrics to open up a more raw intimacy than Mockasin’s uneasy closeness. This vocal is occasionally backed up by Byrne’s to just add to the smooth and in depth take of the track. She wrestles her guitar’s riff upon the track too as they ring out and bounce around the song’s space. A very worthy version of the original which not only respects the song’s intentions, but focuses upon them.












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Single Review – Jamie T – Don’t You Find

Nearly five years without producing any material is almost too long; especially at what was a relatively early stage of his career, but nonetheless Jamie T is back with a new single called ‘Don’t You Find’. This track is the first from his upcoming third album which will be a closely scrutinised one for sure as everyone asks “So what have you done for the last five years Jamie?”. With regards to ‘Don’t You Find’ he talked of trying to produce power through less conventional means rather than doing so through aggressive rhythms and tempos. With this track he is opted to get his power source from synth bursts, drum sample beats and very subtle hints of dub. This is occasionally coupled with a lightly rotating riff and a calm, subdued vocal. The song remains slick, refined but also has that kick he was looking for as the song slowly pulsates and bursts as opposed to constantly jangling on. It’s a well restrained and well produced track with which he hasn’t pulled it well beyond it’s limits nor kept it at a low ebb. Aside from that, he isn’t happy with standing still as that always gets appraisal on this site.

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Single Review + FREE DOWNLOAD – Triptocaine – Pale Ghosts

Triptocaine is the dark electronica of Jinny Finkill from Leeds; a producer who has been crafting and experimenting with electronica for over a year. Following on from her Beyond The Astral Plane EP, she has now released a free download entitled ‘Pale Ghosts’. With the help of NoctryneMusic, she has set about merging isolated elements such as dreamscape and dubstep into less travelled and unexplored areas such as dreamstep. ‘Pale Ghosts’ is a direct reflection of this with the sharp pointed bass beat diluted by soft washes and far off whirrings of electronica. Muting the beat in such a way allows the song to flow more easily and the transitions between sections without the beat going into sections with it are seamless and it makes for a fluid and natural sounding track.

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Single Review – The Drums – Magic Mountain

Three years on from their last studio album Portamento; The Drums now unveil a new track called ‘Magic Mountain’ which see’s them as a duo again. They’re hardly ones for making friends after all. Speaking of the track, frontman Jonny Pierce talked of how this track was a reflection of the last three years; time which saw them go about solo projects. He also talked of the freedom he and Jacob feel that they had with this track now it was just between the two founding members. The result is a pretty mad one. The subdued opening soon gathers pace with bold and sharp percussion, siren-like guitars, and a deliberate move to never sync the guitars and vocals together as they both go about doing their opposite tasks. It’s a urgent and unrelenting track that is forever keeping you on your toes, especially when the track appears to reach a conclusion before launching back into a high pitched, meandering squeal. It doesn’t appear to make much sense at first but after a few listens you can see they’ve gone for that hard to grasp approach and it works pretty well. More than anything I like their thinking and it’s a lot more than I expected from them too.


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