Single Review – Jessie Ware – Share It All

Jessie Ware makes a return with a follow up to her 2012 debut Devotion with an August 3rd release for Tough Love. Her debut studio album had a solid showing commercially but much acclaim critically for her well formed and sophisticated pop and R&B and so it will be difficult for her to compete with such a strong debut she had. Her new single to be taken from Tough Love is ‘Share It All’. A track with the out of focus, electronic bounce like synth laden drip into a pool of water. The simple percussion tracks give the song a light and spacious foundation upon which Jessie’s pop swoon of a vocal rises and falls with all capability and natural feel and purpose. A minimal and simple approach that can be carried off by Jessie’s strong vocal. She looks set for a solid follow up from her impressive debut.

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Single Review – Karen O – Rapt

On the September 8th the wonderful and enigmatic Karen O of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs will release her debut solo album with Crush Songs. This first track from this is ‘Rapt’. A little taste of what is to come in September at just under two minutes. In those two minutes, the song is a single strung out and muted and in a gentle affair with a subtle riff. Over this is Karen’s highly distinguishable vocal which conveys intimacy, narration and distant ecstasy. A simple and basic track that is a small window into what Karen and the new album is capable of.

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This Week’s Music Video with Karen O, Lily Allen, Gaslight Anthem, The Drums and Bleached

Karen O – Rapt


Lily Allen – As Long As I Got You


The Gaslight Anthem – Get Hurt


The Drums – Magic Mountain


Bleached – Poison Ivy

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Single Review – Client – Refuge

Client are well established, female electronica pioneers originating from London. Their latest single ‘Refuge’ will be released on August 31st in the UK and on the 25th we’ll be able to get our hands on their latest album Authority. The album looks set to be full of minimal electronica and easy melodies. ”Refuge’ is a good barometer of the album in that sense a host bouncing and rotating synths from which more spring laden sounds trickle off for the song’s tune. This is anchored down and given a destination with the vocals which backed up and over dubbed delicately and this becomes more useful in the airy and spacious chorus and her vocal becomes a real focus. It’s a piece of electro pop at the end of the day but it’s some of the better sort you’ll find.


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Sunday Suggestion – Elvis Costello – Watching the Detectives

In 1977 there was a guy wondering around the streets of Islington and other parts of London, who went under the name of Elvis… Costello. Not only did such a bold name choice draw attention to Declan MacManus but at that time, such a name may have got you in trouble with all of the Rotten’s and Vicious’ hanging about. He wasn’t Punk and he wasn’t Disco so of course he was part of the New Wave and ‘Watching the Detectives’ from his debut album My Aim is True is encapsulates the musical edge the genre had at the time. This track is built around a reggae bass line and main stop/start riff. This is emphasised by the occasional bursts of New Wave vigour at the end of the chorus before sliding back into it’s darker tones. The isolated and haunting backing vocals and set behind Costello’s sinister and sort of blasé delivery of what are quite sinister and dark lyrics. At the it’s most uneasy moments, the song is more bare on instrumentals parts and is left with deliberate empty spaces to just hammer the pint home and heighten the senses of what you have left. A living and breathing track from one of the great British albums and artists.

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This Weeks Music Video with alt -J, Jenny Lewis, Spoon and Lykke Li

alt – J – Hunger of the Pine


Jenny Lewis – Just One of the Guys


Spoon – Do You


Lykke Li – Gunshot


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Single Review – AMP Live feat. Saint Tiimbre – Run Back

Amp Live - Run Back (feat.. Saint Tiimbre)

AMP Live is a producer from the acclaimed hip hop group Zion I, who is already known for being a highly accomplished programmer, producer and arranger. He’s releasing he debut UK album in Headphone Concerto on August 4th and in anticipation of this he has released the single ‘Run Back’ from the album which features Saint Tiimbre. The close and trembling string samples open the track to be joined by the small rotation of the tracks guitar loops and then the click beat to tie it all up. Once the instrumentals are tied down then the they can expand and change their form as they do along with the sweeping and airy vocal too, that is rotated itself next to the drowned out and dragged out vocal behind it. A refined and laid back track that is more intricate than you think.

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