Single Review – Brosnan – Flash Harry

Hull is the place to be in 2017. It is this year’s City of Culture and a slice of that culture is Brosnan. The Indie group have had their talent recognised by BBC Introducing and in Fred Perry Subculture’s Hull Bands You Need To Hear Now for their last single ‘Orange Wine’. They’ve also been supporting Gengahr on the Hull date of their UK tour. That should be enough to grab your attention and tomorrow you should switch your attention to their new single ‘Flash Harry’. It’s a song that exudes energy from the off with the whirring synths and jolting riffs. The song has strong rhythms and hooks that are elevated by sweeping melodies and jangling riffs that accentuate their sound. What’s even better is that the story they’re telling of their town is made all the more believable through their accent ringing out across the song, a rare trait that embraces our country’s diverse sound. 

Flash Harry is out tomorrow so go and give it a listen.

Owen Riddle 

Single Review – Slowdive – Star Roving 

Reading’s finest Shoegazers are back with their first new song in over two decades with ‘Star Roving’. Now signed on to Dead Oceans, vocalalist and guitarist Rachel Goswell confirmed that an album was in the works and this single is the first product of it. Stylistically, it’s their sound and it still rings out with an energy that dozens of young Shoegaze groups fail to pick up on. Shoegaze is a hazy and washed out style, but who told this generation that it was slow and indistinguishable from its constituent parts? This song has a driving rhythm which only highlights the quality of the delivery. Certainly nothing to set the world alight, but a pleasant blast from the past. 

Owen Riddle 

Single Review – Laura Marling – Wild Fire

Building up to the March release of sixth studio album Semper Femina, Laura Marling shared her second insightful single Wild Fire: a layered tale encompassing surficial notes of relationship expectations with blurred discussions of appearance. Beginning as an earthy stream of consciousness, the track is conversational – almost therapeutic – in the way Marling deciphers the love interest’s issues, adding a comfort that is assisted by a simplistic, warm acoustic backing. Soon, what appears to be assurance for the song’s muse blossoms to become a therapy session for its narrator. Marling sings of the woman writing a book, only having interest in what she writes about “the time spent with me”, dying to know how her character comes across. The lyrics meander between the turbulence the song’s prime subject faces, but also Marling’s own, and, strangely, in this mismatch of issues, a balance is formed. The two sides prop each other up, and the prevailing atmosphere of authentic friendship blooms. This folky exploration of what is typically Laura Marling is heartfelt both lyrically and instrumentally.

Eleanor Chivers

Single Review – Anna of the North – Oslo

With today being #BlueMonday (a name given to the third Monday of January reported to be the most depressing day of the year for countries in the northern hemisphere.) it seems like an appropriate time to share my thoughts on Anna of the North’s new single Oslo. Let’s face it Monday’s can be tough, especially after the euphoria of Christmas & the New Year has worn off – if you are looking for a song to get you out of bed on these dark winter mornings, Oslo might just do the trick. The track is playfully uplifting and synth-heavy. It has a fresh morning feeling to it and I listened to it this morning to give me the courage to get out of bed at 5:30AM for the gym. The song is all about new beginnings , which is echoed in the video by the picturesque landscapes and gorgeous sunrise…guaranteed to have you thinking a winter break before the summer! 

Ony Anukem

Single Review – Cherry Glazerr – Nuclear Bomb

The trio from LA Cherry Glazerr just released the third single of their new album ‘Apocalypstick’, ‘Nuclear Bomb’, on the 11th of January.

The band proves again that they haven’t lose their humour. The single basically is a passionate love song written for guitars, in the music video the lead singer Clementine Creevy spends a steamy date-day with her guitar, and boyfriend, Rickenbacker. In the song ‘Nuclear Bomb’ the band is comparing a whirlwind affair to a nuclear bomb, which is quite accurate.

The band has changed their sound from their early works and the song itself sort of reminds of a mix of ‘Portishead’, ‘Bjork’ and ‘The Breeders’. Just a lovely dark song which gets better every time you listen to it.

Cherry Glazerrs full new album ‘Apocalypstick’ will be out on the 18th of January and the band is embarking on a massive North America tour with also two stops in the UK. They will perform in London soon, at Camden Assembly on February 28th and in Brighton, at The Great Escape on May 18th.

Lea Fabbrini

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