Class of 2012 – Tame Impala


Tame Impala – Lonerism had enough synths, reverbs and enough psychadelic twists and turns to send you back in time to 1967. They took what they had with Innerspeaker in 2010 and strapped it to some psychedelic rocket which blasted off into space. That is the only meaningful way i can describe it. Second albums proved tricky for some this year but Lonerism was a definitive evolution of Innerspeaker: They retained the main elements of the guitar sound from 2010 but then littered the album with synths and samples to create what Kevin Parker wanted, saying: “I want the songs to be like waves that hit you rather than you swimming in an ocean of melody”. That was exactly what they did. The instumental sections of ‘Elephant’ and throughout ‘Apocalypse Dreams’ to name a few; hit you with these waves of sound that usually start with a clash of cymbals but then leads on to a very different song progession each time. Add to this how Parker managed to pack together so many different elements to each song while still creating space to allow each element to blend together in that wave of sound: this makes the whole album interesting and new with each listen. The comparison with The Beatles music in 1966 and 67 can be made when listening to ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ from the Revolver album which would make a snug fit onto the track listing of Lonerism. However they do evolve the Beatles songs from that time instead of copying them by fusing them with early 70s references to create an album that finally seems to be evolving the music of the 60s and 70s rather than repeating it. Tame Impala – Lonerism = 10/10

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