Emmelie De Forest – Only Teardrops Review

Hey look! It’s that Danish girl who won Eurovision last week! (Don’t judge me…please) I need to fill the space between releases and i thought “what’s the point of doing a blog if it’s got no depth?” To be fair to Emmelie though; it’s not a complete Eurovision dance thing or slightly insane thing and it’s one of the most credible winners since god knows who… She’s only 20 years old and it’s her debut album so if you’re looking for comparison then pick someone like Gabrielle Aplin. Both are under the ‘Folk Pop’ banner which is certainly not the sort of thing you’d expect to win Eurovison but also not the freshest thing out there right now.

I guess i should start with the song that those on the continent are sick of hearing! ‘Only Teardrops’ has a flute as the hook which is different! Musically that’s what really makes it stand out as the sort of standard synth chords and tribal drumming comes as part of the eurovision package these days. The whole vibe of the song is very Florence and the Machine – like (Judge that how you will!) but Emmelie provides a more generic and less polarising vocal than Florence which sounds pretty mature compared to most young female artists in 2013. All these rather basic elements come together well to create a pretty catchy song which is probably why it’s so popular. It’s not so pop it’s plastic yet the majority of people can get into the song in spite of the language barriers and all that. This again is why she won or perhaps it was that “Hashtag Beautiful Girl” thing which i’m still feeling embarassed for on behalf of the rest of Europe. But if you wish to look beyond the Eurovison and god only knows I do now; then look to the song ‘Hunter and Prey’ which is one of the few songs on the album with which the drums don’t suffocate you. They sort of do their purpose and drive the song instead of being whacked aimlessly in the background. But any edge to this song is lost with the unwelcome repeating backing vocals and dull synths and guitars and this song would be much more welcome live. ‘Let it fall’ is another song which isn’t taken hostage by the drums of doom and is instead driven by gentle and drawn out synth sounds and her own vocals with an orchestral sound in the background. If more of the album was like this it might be a little better. ‘Force of Nature’ is a pretty standard piano and string ballad which is the case for her vocals too. In general most of the other songs do sound pretty dated with the only modern element being Emmelie herself. The best of these types of songs is probably ‘What are you waiting for’  but others like Change almost sound a decade old and are only salvaged by Emmelie’s vocals. In general the album is designed to strike an appeal for Florence sort of fans or anyone who likes nature as this theme seems to be pretty instilled in the album. But if you were a fan of the lead single that won Eurovison, then you’ll like the album probably and I should consider too that it’s only her debut and she’s probably playing it very safe in that respect; just like Gabrielle Aplin. But like Aplin’s, it’s of a very standard whitewash like approach and while she has a tiny bit more variety than Aplin and is a little less dry; it creates a similar result. I don’t really want to be too harsh as she seems like a nice girl who is much more geniune as an artist than most out there now but it is what it is.

Emmelie De Forest – Only Teardrops = 5/10

Images from (oikotimes.com / www.eurovisionary.com )


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