Flagship Romance – Hit The Ground Review

Flagship Romance are a Folk-Pop duo that consists of Shawn Fisher and Jordyn Jackson and they hail from Jacksonville Beach in Florida. Now first off i’d like to point to the fact that ‘It does exactly what it says on the tin’ for those wood-staining fans out there. But for those of you who are not familiar with the phrase it means they are what they say they are. They aren’t the first ‘Folk Pop’ artists i’ve talked about before but unlike some of them they are actually Folk with Pop elements and not some odd hybrid that just translates into Pop anyway. Their new song ‘Hit The Ground’ embodies this.

The rythm section from the start is evocative of proper or original folk music along with the simple kick drum like percussion as oppose to the constant tribal drumming that some so called ‘Folk – Pop’ artists use as a standard. There is a subtle and gradual build up of sound from all the instrumentals and vocals as the bass joins in which is a tried and tested technique in most forms of music which always works well. This is maintained once the lead guitar elements are introduced and doing this from the start of the song is much more effective than halting it mid-song and then building up sound and tempo again. Doing this from the start gives you something to anticipate. Shawn’s and Jordyn’s vocals have been woven together well in this song. The higher and slightly lower vocals work into rousing harmonies and also more subtle harmonies throughout the song and these are maintained. Lyrically it’s much more optimistic than most ‘love songs’ and while we all love to take a dark view on it at times, there is still a place for optimism in music and this is evident throughout the song and the video.

I think folk music in general is under-going a re-think. A sort of back to basics approach away from the Mumford & Sons sort of folk music in which they try to cram the song with many rapid instrumentals and it really suffocates the song. Space in any genre of song is key and they do this well with the instrumentals that are all there but are not over bearing the vocals and so they have lot’s of room for those harmonies which are the hook of the song. The video itself mimics the stages of the song well and the locations are personal to them so backs up the message and lyrics of the song too. In the U.K, folk artists like Gabrielle Aplin are going in this sort of direction while you have the gritty and classic rock interpretation of Jake Bugg too. Though very British in their sounds, they are making folk music a little more appealing in the U.K and I know from personal connections that there is a growing appetite for the warmer and perhaps more ‘American’ sort of folk music that Flagship Romance create in this song. With that in mind they could go places in both senses of the word and though it might not be the first genre of music I would turn to personally; you have to give credit when a song and video is well structured and solid no matter what sound it is and thats something i try to reflect in my blog so I hope i’ve been able to do that with Flagship Romance.

Oh and here it is! http://youtu.be/97nkLFw4L80

Image from https://twitter.com/FlagshipRomance


  1. Beth Fisher says:

    thanks for the interesting and thorough review of FLAGSHIP ROMANCE… be sure and catch them live when you get the chance as their live vocals & stage presence are even better. Their relationship with their live show audience is a very personal and captivating one… thanks again for a review that actually digs deeper and more informative than most…

    • Don't Look Down says:

      Thank you very much! I can imagine their live performances being like that and i’ll have to catch one of them if they are ever in the U.K! 🙂

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