Single of the Week – Bloody Beetroots feat. Paul McCartney & Youth

This song has to be heard to be believed. It really does. It’s causing a pretty big fuss with the music press at the moment. Those like the NME think it’s pretty bad while others like MTV and Rolling Stone think it’s amazing and perhaps a masterstroke from the 71 year old to engage with another generation which will be around his fifth time of doing so. Bloody Beetroots is Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo who is an Italian Dance-Punk and Electro-House DJ and producer and Youth is Martin Glover who is a skillful producer from the post-punk band Killing Joke who first worked with McCartney in 1993. The song features an echoed and anthemic guitar riff that alternatively explodes with dubstep-like blasts on the chorus and back to the melodic and edgy ballad like piano and blasts back again. McCartney’s strained vocals seem to work quite well with the format of the song which sort of shreds across it. Technically the song is well made and pretty sound. Dubstep; when used in the right way can be effective and it’s been emphasised here. Its really worked well around McCartney’s 2008 original version. The problem people will have is the idea of McCartney trying to be gritty and edgy at 71 which I admit, did take me a while to comprehend but at least he isn’t going out quietly and is taking some risks and experimenting which he has always done in his career if not so much recently. The track is out June 18th (Today) which is also McCartney’s 71st birthday! Word of warning though – I’d make sure you are sitting down before you listen to this track. 

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