Single of the Week – Jake Bugg – Broken

In what is a seventh release from his debut album last year, Jake Bugg has had the track ‘Broken’ reworked and re-recorded with probably the biggest producer in the world in Rick Rubin. Rubin is also responsible for producing his second album too so this may give us some if not a tiny insight into what album number two may feel like. It’s already a close up and intinamte tune that’s all about the vocal Jake has. Now the acoustic element remains and is joined by the steady pop ballad beat of Red Hot Chilli Peppers drummer Chad Smith and Rubin goes to town in adding the strings and the choir but not in an over-bearing manner and he doesn’t alter the songs feel but just enhances the atomospheric quality of it. Perhaps at the same time a lot of the grit of Jake Bugg as a performer has been cleaned and polished slightly but it shouldn’t turn any fans of him away. Wait for the next album before you make up your minds. In another way it’s a shrewd move in how he’s bound to attract a wider audience of the those who have a slight sweet tooth when it comes to their music taste and might lead to his second album being even more anticipated than before.

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