Single of the Week – Miles Kane – Taking Over

With the second release from his second album Don’t Forget Who You Are and fresh from one of the performances of his life at Glastonbury, Miles Kane is slowly but surely turning a few more heads. ‘Taking Over’ is a step in the right direction for the aspiring Mersey Mod. Initially it sounds like the that typical heavy and slightly disstorted guitar sound that everyone is having a go at from the Arctic Monkeys to Deap Vally in it’s various styles. But it soon switches to a catchy and more rythmic and melodic song with a chorus that has an easy sing-a-long quality which he has pretty much got sorted. Before taking another foray into the disstorted or ‘fuzzy’ guitar the song goes into your standard rip roaring Miles Kane guitar solo to conclude a well polished song with a few rough or ‘fuzzy’ corners. It’s by no means innovative or ground-breaking but he knows how to make a stylish tune as he’s done here.

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  1. pretty over here

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