Single Review – Arctic Monkeys – Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High?

Album number five is not too far away and the next single from ‘AM’ may be me starting to ‘believe the hype’ at long last. It’s probably because their previous sounds have been collated on my iPod through other bands and artists and the frustrating fact that they sat back and let the music industry turn to plastic pop despite having the potential to challenge them. Don’t get me wrong here. They write good standard songs and albums but never amazing ones. Never something that everyone picks up. That’s too why I don’t see them as a ‘artists of the generation’ like Oasis, Blur, Bowie, Beatles etc. At the moment they are the band of their fanatical and reliable fan-base. But like I said, the potential has always been there and I feel this song might be them delivering upon it. The bass line that’s deep and catchy is a great hook that creates a steady beat that the other elements work around. The guitars are only subtle as the bass does so much of the work and gives the song more depth while keeping it simple. Naturally the percussion follows suit. It’s also a song that shows that Alex Turner is developing well as a vocalist too. I think compared to ‘Do I Wanna Know?’ it stands out more for being more imaginative and creative. That’s why you should check it out.

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