Album Taster – Kings Of Leon – Wait For Me/Supersoaker

Rewind to 2003 and these guys were the being hailed for great things and to pick up where The Strokes had left off. Initially they did but in recent times they sort of lost their way despite some chart success. On that Caleb told SPIN magazine a few years back that  “You feel like you’ve done something wrong. That woman in mom jeans who’d never let me date her daughter? She likes my music. That’s fucking not cool. You almost start doing damage control.” With their upcoming album Mechanical Bull, it seems like they have done some of that damage control. ‘Supersoaker’ is a slight reversal in musical style to their earlier days but it’s a little more mature and refined. But it still churns away in the verse and chorus and pauses at the bridge. As well as that it’s packed full of melodic riffs and harmonies. It also has the added benefit of Caleb’s more mature and soulful vocal. Lyrically it’s more upbeat in tone and the music reflects this too. ‘Wait for me’ has that 80’s indie riff going on and a bass line played in a similar style. The chorus see’s a few more simple riffs from the lead guitar and more percussion in a simple manner. But the main focus is the vocal which is delivered in a much more refined and considered fashion. All in all I think it’s the best work I’ve heard from them for about six or seven year and I think many of the fans who claimed ‘they sold out’ which in part they think themselves; will be eased back into listening to them again. Will they be able to shush all the excitement from the Arctic Monkeys September 9th release of AM by the last week of September? Perhaps. But they are on the up again regardless. Supersoaker Wait For Me

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