Single Review – Moodoid – Je Suis La Montagne

Moodoid is the solo project of Pablo Padovani who is the guitarist for fellow French Psychedelic wonder Melody’s Echo Chamber. So you already know that he’s pretty skilled in that area. ‘Je Suis La Montagne’ very much evokes the sound he helped create for Melody’s Echo Chamber with perhaps a slight reduction in the production effects but they are still there in a big way. The song is refined, at ease with it’s self and has several area’s of depth and space to it. At times all the layers creating the sound are recorded in such an isolated way that feels like nothing else could be heard and creates a heavy wave of sound while at other times it’s more echoed and spaced out and subtle. Is it any wonder then, that it’s been produced so well with Kevin Parker lending a hand in the recording. He is really expanding the Australian psychedelic sound well and deserves much credit for it. Naturally, if you like Tame Impala, Pond, Melody’s Echo Chamber etc. then you will be drawn to this and enjoy it all the same. This song is part of an EP which will arrive on 9th September so be sure to keep an eye for that amongst all the other releases from the Rock band heavyweights.

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