Babyshambles – Sequel To The Prequel Review

I think the sad thing about Pete Doherty and whatever he does now is that people will immediately dismiss it purely because it’s him. Now he has no one to blame but himself for that fact but still. Why not judge his music on his music. Not his mistakes and that you might think he’s a complete and utter prat. Anyway it’s the first album he’s done with the Babyshambles since 2007 so it’s very much a comeback of sorts but if you take a look at some of the reviews it’s got then the normal good will given to a comeback was clearly in short supply. Perhaps it’s for the reasons I’ve already mentioned or maybe it really isn’t that good?

‘Nothing Comes To Nothing’ is that sort of typical indie sound of a decade ago and the Babyshambles sound too. It’s simple rhythm section rolls along quite nicely and the bass certainly has more to do with it’s fluctuating bass line and really sort of gives it another melody to put against the more simple one being showcased. There are some nice lead guitar riffs feeding from it too for extra melodic moments and the whole thing balances pretty well against Pete’s lower toned and slightly lazy vocal and sort of gives the song a sort of subtle dual quality in that vocals and instrumentals work just as well on their own but they meet happily in the middle. There’s nothing particularly ground breaking or new about this track either but the basics are spot on and it’s by no means a poor song either. On a personal level I think ‘Farmers Daughter’ is a great track that just does everything right for me. It’s probably because its very 1997 and whether they intended it or not, it channels Blur quite a lot too. The verses are more so the 1994/1995 Blur sound with the sort of easy melodies and simple riffs to allow focus for the vocals. It then goes into a more louder and less clean cut affair for the chorus, led by Pete’s change in tone to a more 1997 version of Blur. With it the percussion is more aggressive the riffs a little more distorted and the vocals too, are more capable and tuneful than that of the verses and shows that Pete Doherty can belt out a tune as well. I’m sure everyone at their gigs will be belting it out with him too. It has a real anthem quality to it and if it was released 16 years ago it would be topping the charts. Again it’s not innovative at all but it’s a very solid tune and more for enjoyment than profanity.

‘Picture Me In A Hospital’ is a little more tinged with Folk elements with the style of the violin accompanying basic instrumental. It’s an optimistic sort of track too on the music side of things and has a catchy rhythm section with the violin melody. ‘Fireman’ has the sort of punk aggressiveness and at times it’s just Pete slurring in that typical punk fashion but some people might not enjoy it so much. ‘Maybelline’ is Pete and the Babyshambles in their indie anthem element and the song has the contrast of those anthems and the more contemplative and folk like moments with some angry slurs and reggae themes thrown in there as well. Again it’s not gonna make you drop everything and leave you in a semi-conscious state while you drool over it. But it wears it’s influences loudly and proudly and it’s not trying to be something it’s not. On that they can’t be faulted. But only praised.

Babyshambles – Sequel To The Prequel = 7.5/10

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