The 1975 – The 1975 Review

Again I have to talk about a band that people love or loathe so I apologise in advance because someone is gonna be upset but y’know! Don’t read it if there may be words some readers may find disturbing. Up until yesterday I really have not listened to them or knew anything about them but now that I do know, I’m quite depressed. It came to my attention that a vast majority of The 1975’s fans emerged because Harry Styles likes them. That needs no follow up. Now if I wasn’t trying to be impartial then I’d stop now but I am so let’s hope and pray they don’t sound like those hollow-headed puppets. While we’re at it, I’m gonna refer to something Noel Gallagher said about music videos in that he said that he hates having to do music videos and plays not part in how they are made because the video should revolve around the music anyway. Now we all know Noel is effectively a moaning middle aged man but he does have a point. The 1975 have perfume ads for videos and they write them all too. The worrying thing is that it seems they spend more time thinking about the video rather than the songs or writing their songs with the video in mind.  It’s madness. The fact Matthew Healy thinks he’s a James Dean Bradfield/Dave Gahan hybrid is more of a personal annoyance. Because he’ll never be either. But anyway I’m rating this on the music and about the music it shall be.

‘Chocolate’ has quite a catchy sort of indie pop riff to open the song and it acts as the hook for the rest of it. Everything else just follows on from it in terms of the bass and the percussion with the thinly spread synth chords in the background. Matthew’s vocals are in a naïve sort of style in that it loses depth towards the end of each line which will make some people tear their hair out but at times it is used and manipulated well for melodic effect. It’s pretty much an indie or a hipster pop anthem. ‘Sex’ has that anthemic like rapid rhythm guitar riff that makes it easier for distorted lead guitar riffs to feed off it well for yet again more melody. The rest of it sort of churns along as well and the instrumental shows that they aren’t just distorting their guitars for the hell of it and suggests some musical aptitude that they probably don’t show enough. The vocal is very much set up for the festivals with it’s sing-a-long quality and shouty style. Musically it’s alright but the lyrics are a different story. I just can’t be arsed with songs that are so blatantly about sex. It’s like the default writing material. They don’t even write about it with any style or imagination which wouldn’t bother me at all if they did. Maybe I would understand personally if I could vaguely attract any girl but even if I could I doubt I would change my mind. It’s just completely unimaginative and just washes over me because it holds zero lyrical value and isn’t profound or innovative in any way or even relatable because someone’s already related to it so I suggest they use their brains in future but the music for this track wasn’t bad.

‘The City’ has some dup step overtones! Yippee! They do carve a tune out of it though for which I can’t argue with. That light, indie pop riff is there yet again. The percussion has a little more echo on it which creates the illusion of a little more space which they don’t use anyway but it’s there. The only time they do use it is the brief moment they incorporate the synth into the track and it sounds much better for it but they could still do with a better grasp of soundscape and light and shade and all that. ‘Girls’ starts as a pure 80’s pop tune with the jolly, staggered and light riff which does work well against the deep bass line and the echo on the drums takes on a different role with everything going on. Apart from that it’s pure pop indulgence. ‘M.O.N.E.Y’ shows they have some production capabilities and the change of sound is was desperately needed with it. The whole album is just some reconfiguring or re-enacting of pop’s tried and tested pop melodies, hooks and rhythm sections just channelled through musicians. Not entertainers. The vocals are pretty smooth and help the songs flow a little better, while they seem to be capable musicians in the way they sound. It isn’t as bad as everybody makes out but it’s not spectacular in any way either so if you’re looking for creative music and lyrics or anything profound or interesting then this isn’t for you. If you’re looking to sing a long, dance or just have a good time then this might be the music for it as they evoke those qualities in their music brilliantly and that can’t be denied. But when you stack it up to the great albums of 2013 so far then it’s a long way off.

The 1975 – The 1975 = 6/10

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