Single Review – Au Revoir Simone – Crazy

Keeping with New York; there is a new single from Brooklyn trio: Au Revoir Simone. For those who don’t know that’s Erika Forster, Annie Hart and Heather D’Angelo. Their last album: Still Night Still Light was released back in 2009 so there’s a bit of expectation about their upcoming effort: Move In Spectrums and one of the singles off that is ‘Crazy’. There’s much more ‘traditional’ instrumentals in this song compared to their usual synth heavy efforts. The deep bass line along with the whirring riffs around it, allows for the synths to placed thinly on top of it all and gives the song real light and shade. The percussion is gives out a great rhythm which lets everything else churn out the melody. The vocals have their own echo and have a subtle rise and fall with each line. They’re smooth and easily sounded out above the music. This song is a great piece of synth-pop fused with lo-fi tinged, indie melodies and chord progressions. The lyrics are simple and catchy too. Move In Spectrums looks like a bright and happy album to keep everyone warm and cheerful as the nights grow darker. It’s out on September 23rd.

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