Paul Weller & Syd Arthur at Newcastle City Hall


Last night I had a break from uni life to venture out to Newcastle City Hall to see the legend of British music that is Paul Weller or the ‘Modfather’ as he’s known. As I walked up and down to my lectures and seminars, the support trucks and vans lined the street corner and on my way back Weller’s Beat The Street bus emerged around the corner. It really builds up the anticipation and excitement for the nights event. I don’t think I was let down at the gig either. You often can be left disappointed by ageing rockstars who play meaningless covers or refuse to play a balance of their new and old material. Yet Weller started with  ‘Wake up the Nation’ and ending with ‘A Town Called Malice’ with songs from Stanley Road, Heavy Soul to Sonic Kicks and songs like ‘Start’. His vocals still at a high level and his playing still very slick as was Steve Craddock on lead guitar. There were a few stoppages between songs while they prepared but it only seemed to whip up the crowd rather than annoy them. Besides that it was just an opportunity to soak up the energy and atmosphere surrounding a true music great. I also have to praise Syd Arthur as the support act. They sounded very clean and crisp with all the various elements of their sound which they presented well. The vocals too were spot on and the combination of both acts was almost symmetrical to my own personal music tastes. It was a great night to forget about everything and take in the music.

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