Single Review – Darren Campbell – Remember You

Darren Campbell is a talented singer/songwriter from Dundee and generally plays out an acoustic or folk leaning rock and pop sound which is something that continues to be moving to the forefront of British music with the likes of Jake Bugg on one side of the spectrum, to Gabrielle Aplin on the other. Darren is one you should look out for in this light in the future if that’s what you’re drawn to most, but likewise if you’re a fan of grabbing onto melodic hooks, acoustic rhythms and powerful yet subtle hinted vocals then you’ll enjoy him too. Especially his latest single ‘Remember You’. They have the aforementioned traits that opens with the steady rhythm of the acoustic guitar and is built upon by the lead guitar’s gentle and easy melody. Darren’s vocals give the song an extra element of fluidity as they rise and fall in tone while the utilise they percussion well during the fade before the last go of the chorus to instantly build the sound back up which acts as a bonus hook if you like. The lyrics are ones that almost anyone can relate to or understand due to the telling of love and the loss of it. The musical arrangement manipulates them and projects the emotive feel well. Simple yet effective. Remember You is out now so take a look at the link below and see what you think.

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