Single Review – Warpaint – Love Is To Die

California’s Warpaint will return with their second album in 2014 which is a follow up from their 2010 debut with The Fool. That album had generally positive reviews if not spectacular but nevertheless its a pretty good base to start from. The notorious second album entitled Warpaint has its first single release with ‘Love Is To Die’. The songs starts off very sparsely and steadily and smoothly introduced elements on top of the previous. First with the subtle percussion and synths sounds and eerie vocals and then the rotating bass line gives some depth and some rhythm along with the more standard percussion to allow for the vocals to come in. The soft echo on them lets each line trickle back into the bass line groove. The backing vocals do the same while the guitar parts simply add texture rather than play a starring role. The verses are topped off with vertical like vocal progression but they fade it back in to the understated and cool feel of the song. The song never really outreaches itself but its the cool and calmness that speaks much louder in this song.

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