Single Review – Gaz Coombes – Buffalo

Gaz Coombes is one of those 90’s Britpop figures still churning out material, and like many of them; its of a pretty decent standard. His solo debut Here Come The Bombs has a very solid album full of slightly spaced out acoustic and general rock moments. It seems that with his next release, the 37 year old is about the flex his muscles a lot more. ‘Buffalo is the first release from some recent recording sessions Gaz has been doing while working on his second album. The song is characterized by the solemn piano bursts, the more spaced out and edgier beat with the distorted and echoed effects. The verse then see’s him turn the volume up on his vocals with great power and just enough rough edged quality with large soundscapes exploding around him. The third phase of the song see’s it suitably tail off with an acoustic and distorted bass sound while he softly sings the song out. The song progressions and altering themes and tones are fantastic and if his second album is of the same nature then it will be a step up for sure.

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