Single Review – Marika Hackman – Itchy Teeth

Marika Hackman is someone who you can like pretty quickly. Her personality and attitude seems to be in the right place. Everyone seems to be interested that she’s friends with Cara Delevingne or that she was a one time model for Burberry, yet she seems horrified at the thought of it. She talks of how she is much happier writing music than she is in front of a camera which she sees as unfamiliar. She has already released an EP entitled That Iron Taste back in February and a second is to be released on December 9th called Sugar Blind. She’s already released ‘Cinnamon’ last month: a song that is dark and deep yet holds a slight optimism about it as the sounds expand and spread out while others sound much more clean cut. ‘Itchy Teeth’ plays on atmospheric vulnerabilities and the thinly spread sound of the instrumentals. Her wistful and echoed vocal also has the depth and range to it to play on the fragile sound and deliver the solemn and considered lyrics with immediacy and a harrowing quality. Its easy to get lost in and easy for your emotions to be left at its mercy.

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