Single Review – Catfish and the Bottlemen – Pacifier

The four above are from Llandudno in Wales and are THE stereotypical British indie band. Or whatever mutation of indie we’re at now in 2013. If you’d like a quick judgement they’re halfway between Arctic Monkeys c.2006 and The 1975. ‘Pacifier’ has the typical rotating riffs with the little trail coming off it and the large, distorted strikes of the guitar over the top along with the cymbal-heavy percussion in some vague attempt to fill the sound. I could lose count at the numerous times this has been done since about 1993. Every influence I hear is coming from everything that had ran its course around seven years ago. The fact the seem to paint their influences on their foreheads is little comfort for it either. This sound has been worn down to dust now and if you want to plug your influences then do it with some creative twist please! That’s paying a better homage to them then blatantly mirroring them. What they do lack in creativeness and imagination, they make up for in energy and the slight quirks of the lyrics in this song. I bet this track sounds great live or at a club and I’m sure they transfer this energy to their audience too. But in terms of advancing music in any way shape or form; they don’t.

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