Album Taster – Maximo Park – Brain Cells (Too Much Information)

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Maximo Park are a band that had sprung from into view around a decade ago; like so many bands under the new indie tag. They haven’t quite achieved the commercial status of some but they have still achieved moderate success both here and on the continent with the peak of this being their number two album in the U.K with Our Earthly Pleasures in 2007. Yesterday, they announced that they would be releasing their fifth studio album entitled Too Much Information in February and they’ve unveiled a track called Brain Cells to give people a taste of what the album may sound like. If the track is anything to go by, then it is a much bigger shift in style and structure than they’ve done before. The song opens a simple four part bass line with Paul echoed and more wistful vocals over the top. The whirring and recurring synth sounds add to the more haunting a dark tones of the song while the rapid bursts of percussion give the song a prominent beat and rhythm. The song is bold and different and resembles a dance or synth track. I think the song flows well and the is a real atmospheric if not synthetic quality to the song in conjunction with Paul Smith’s earthy vocal. It is a good combination and an intriguing one at that. Whether they are going to maintain this through the album or not is something of which we will only find out in the next few weeks. Having said that though; it does look like it could be pretty exciting and interesting and so far it is proof that it pays to try and be bold and imaginative.

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