Sunday Suggestion – The Horrors – Mirror’s Image

Back in 2009; when the world had fallen whole-heartedly to the plastic pop we still endure today; a spectral of colourful sound with darker depths had emerged to create a modern masterpiece. That masterpiece was Primary Colours from Essex (Yes that’s right! Put away your stereotype filled rifle) band The Horrors. Fast forward to 2040 and you’ll notice that the value of their work is permanent while the work of JLS and Cheryl Cole; who topped the charts that year will be confined to the dustbin of history. Like a disposable camera. The album was a huge re-evaluation and rethink and a magnificent clash and re-jigging of their influences and past sounds. Something much more significant in recent years due to the general lack of innovation with music in general. It is an album filled with perfectly placed walls of sound, manipulated layers, ranges of depth and tone with unconventional driving forces and melodies. It is immensely difficult to pin point a song from an album full of more obvious choices like Who Can Say or Sea Within A Sea, but for me Mirror’s Image best encapsulates the scale and sound of the album. It opens with gently lapping and oscillating synths and a subtle beat to slowly push the song your way. The rotating bass then arrives to usher in a chorus of grinding and reverbing guitars that churn out a distorted and out of focus rhythm that’s all tied together with Faris’ low toned and alert vocal. The higher pitched synths in the background add melody and counter act the deep sounds being put in. The cymbal heavy percussion expands and stretches the sound out and beyond while a rough yet razor sharp lead riff from Joshua Hayward cuts its way through the built up sound. If this was 2009 I would be giving this 10/10 and it’s Mercury Prize nomination isn’t credit enough for a simply great album.

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