Sunday Suggestion – TOY – Left Myself Behind

With their new album Join The Dots on the way; I thought I’d revisit one of TOY’s first forays and one of my first encounters with their music late in 2011 when I was a naïve first year college student. This song does seem to be void of any credit which it loses to the songs like Motoring or Lose My Way, but this song has a certain muted confidence about it. They knew they were already at a pretty skilful level at all forms and processes, yet they also left room to develop their sound which they did in effortless fashion and continue to do now. This song has less of a sonic wave of sound pushing it through. It is a little more understated on the atmospheric front and is more of a churning, whirring and oscillating guitar track. The rapid rhythm, the screeching solo’s, the unrelenting percussion… and then Tom’s weighty yet calm vocal to pull everything in place. It would certainly strike the 16 year old me that this was an exciting band and as always; discovering a new band always leaves the door ajar for new influences to creep in and to expand your scope. This song did that for me. Enjoy.

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