Single Review – Daft Punk feat. Julian Casabalncas – Instant Crush

2013 has been one of the peaks of Daft Punks career. A reinvention on their part that really worked wonders and their appearance not being an issue. It was primarily a commercial success based on the music. That is surely only a positive thing. Random Access Memories is a great album on the whole. They wished to produce an album of the like of Sgt Pepper or Dark Side of The Moon and I think they’ve certainly replicated the flow and natural feel from track to track; if not the innovation to the extent of those examples. Though Get Lucky has been massively overplayed; there are other tracks that more intricate and refined and one of those is Instant Crush.  It features another big collaboration with the Strokes frontman Julian Casablancas who I can imagine loving working with Daft Punk as his 2009 solo album Phazes For The Young might indicate. This song features a simple yet effective plucked guitar riff with some basic synth chords but these step up during the chrous and largely takes over from the guitar. The guitar riff is similar to that of Andy Summers on the famous ‘Every Breath You Take’ single by The Police in 1983 and has the same hook providing effect. Julians vocals are also put through the vocoder or whatever vocal manipulating equipment they have at their disposal. The vocal approach of Casablancas is more of a subtle ‘One Way Trigger’ sort of vocal and despite the manipulation of his vocal, you can still detect the character of Julian’s voice too which gives it a dual quality and compliments the music well but not smothering it either. One of the albums highlights.

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