Sunday Suggestion – Chvrches – Lies

One of my biggest regrets from last year was not being able to take a look at Chvrches and their debut album from last year entitled The Bones of What You Believe. They certainly deserved their fifth place on the BBC’s Sound of 2013 poll and the performance of their album and singles warranted it. I decided to have a closer look into what they were about recently and their sound and style did strike me; even if it isn’t hugely innovative. Their synthpop style and sharp production instantly springs names like Depeche Mode and Gary Numan to mind, which play a sizeable role in their influence that they project without any qualms. As well as this they have advanced this influence into slick and cool melodies and rhythms that are forged around the delicate and soft quality of Lauren’s vocal. This results in a highly refined piece of synth driven pop music. The song that best depicts these traits is ‘Lies’. It opens with the steady bounce of the synths that’s maintained throughout the song and these solid sounds are contrasted with Lauren’s softer and slightly vulnerable vocals against the repetitive mechanical sounds and acts as the beating heart amongst the synthetic blasts. It’s stepped up in the chorus for a crisp and driven hook from both instrumental and vocal and it closes in the grinding, industrial fashion that was more held back for most of the song. This song showcases all the qualities of Chvrches and the highest refinement of the pop sounds they have forged.

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