Sunday Suggestion – Anna Calvi – Suzanne and I

Anna Calvi is an artist I’m very fond of. Her underwhelmed and reserved nature is something she totally sets aside when she’s making music. When she does she is bold, alluring and her softly spoken voice becomes a deep and powerful force. On top of all this she isn’t too bad with a guitar and with a composition of a song, applying classic methods and elements to what are conventional themes. This naturally gives her an excellent grasp of production techniques and manipulation too. Though her second album was a very worthy follow up to her first; I lean slightly towards her self titled debut from 2011. In particular, I lean towards the track ‘ Suzanne & I’ for it best showcases her skill. First off, she maximises standard instrumentals and pushes them to their full effect. Whether this is with the heavy and echoed percussion or the confident strikes of her guitar for a long and filling reverb, or even utilising her powerful vocal. She later counteracts this with natural spaced out moments, using the wailing backing vocals to pull away from the drama of the song and then manipulating them to drag back into it. Amongst all this, she also churns out a great melodic riff in the chorus and puts much of her vocal range on show. A great and dramatic track. An advert for musical aptitude and ability.

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