Single Review – Elbow – Fly Boy Blue / Lunette

The band from Bury have always been an ever-present in the mid background of music for over a decade now with their lyrically strong and non offensive sound that they sometimes stray from. You’d never expect something different from them though and no one does. It has sort of became their trademark now. They recently released the single ‘Fly Boy Blue / Lunette’ as a first look at what will be their sixth studio album with The Take Off and Landing of Everything which is set for a March release. It churns away in the typical acoustic ballad style but is driven in a different direction by Guy Garvey’s vocal and the copy cat vocal behind him that adds weight to an already heavy vocal. The sharp guitar riff does much to instil a sense of urgency in the song. This is amplified as the song grows and adds to it’s sound with the saxophone and the screeching strings before fading away in a subdued and lost manner into a distant vocal that detaches you before ending in a swooning fashion. A simple yet manipulative technique that proves quite effective in terms of the emotive feel of the song. Lyrically it’s much more brash and intimidating than the music and at times quite relatable too, so they certainly have that on their side. Expect a solid album from them, but nothing that will blow you away

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