Single Review – Marsicans – Chivalry

Marsicans are made up of James, Joe, Olly and Matthew and are from Leeds. With their Indie Pop sound they have been compared to the likes of Vampire Weekend amongst others. On top of this they have played the BBC introducing stage at Leeds festival so they must have something about them right? Well their new track ‘Chivalry’ suggests that they just might. It isn’t hugely profound nor is it the next big innovation, but it is a great piece of rhythmic pop music to brighten and add warmth to what has been a gloomy and damp winter. The shimmering guitars making the rhythm work together with the clean cut lead and both are balanced off with the deep rooted bass line. A combination like this just fires melodic and rhythmic hooks directly at you. It is made all the more catchy and fixating by the vocal moving around a big middle range. With the backing vocals added it offers up a real sing a long quality that should have many of the Indie clubs and festivals bouncing. An all round happy and joyous track that requires a happy and joyful reaction.

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