Sunday Suggestion – Francoise Hardy – Le Temps de l’amour

I thought if I was going to keep Sunday’s devoted to the 60’s for a bit, I may as well show you someone you might not have heard despite being one of the decades icons in style, film and of course music. The latter is what she was devoted to even though she could have easily been tempted into modelling and acting like many other did at the time. Testament to her talent is in how the vast majority of her most famous songs around the are completely in French. Of course she did pretty well with English, German, Italian versions of her songs, but she always sounded so much better in her native language. It is more believable perhaps. More true. It has been said that her looks made her much easier to market around the world but while that may be true; I believe it was a case of how she could translate emotions and feelings very effectively. Her vocals have a great depth and warmth to them and this couldn’t be more true for ‘Le Temps de l’amour’ from very early on in her career in 1962. The percussion is light, airy but also rapid and so acting as the hidden rhythmic engine of the song. The highly compressed guitar riff is a cool and confident way to pen the track along with the very heavy bass sound which isn’t reacting off the guitar but doing it’s own thing and creating the tune. It makes for a perfect pairing with Hardy’s low vocal base. She holds it with ease and finesse and evokes the same coolness of the instrumentals. The 60’s may have been known for Merseybeat, Swinging London, artistic New York and sun kissed California, but Paris was also a major player and this is it’s soundtrack.

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