Album Taster – The Horrors – I See You

The Horrors are back. They are one of the dwindling number of bands that I genuinely look forward to for something interesting, dynamic and profound. Yesterday they announced that a their delayed fourth album will be called Luminous and will be set for a May 5th release. Three years after Skying. On Zane Lowe’s Radio 1 show yesterday, their new track ‘I See You’ is over seven minutes of genre clashing, conducted chaos. Perhaps a representation of the colour they said would be injected into the new album but not the gritty and darker elements also mentioned. It opens in a disco and dance track fashion is the tempo of the rotations grow. The modulated synths float over the top of it along with the lingering and low lying riffs from Josh. Faris’ vocal mostly isolated and muted echo directs the main melody and the extra electronic sounds shimmer off his low toned vocal. The bass line is not laboured into following the vocal or guitar and Rhys Webb formulates his own bass line in the chorus to give the song an added kick. The song then veers off in another direction with the now glittering synths being offset by the tumbling avalanche from Joe on the drums. On the way it collects the drawn out synth sounds before Joe dictates the direction of the song by simply pounding the kit and Josh takes over with the grinding guitar riffs that cut through the on-going electronica behind it in a great culmination of noise and sound that is all so cruelly stolen away as it reaches it’s peak. A great teaser of what they will bring in May and I can’t wait.

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