Sunday Suggestion – Blood Red Shoes – This Is Not For You

Brighton’s Blood Red Shoes have been creating noisy, grinding, gritty guitar music for about eight years now. Long before it became in fashion again with Royal Blood, Drenge and so on. Lyrically their songs also have more depth, emotive and personal messages as opposed to singing about a girl they fancy in a bar or whatever. Their lyrical undertones are made immediate and direct through the urgency and energy of their music. The heavy and crashing sounds firing the songs progression. ‘This Is Not For You’ from 2008’s Box of Secrets is a prime example of their style. The song opening steadily and with rhythm that is tinged with the soft and reassuring vocals from Laura Mary Carter. Their songs always give margin for bigger and louder culminations of sound that occur in the chorus with the heavy reverb of the guitars and the shouting and powerful screams from Steven Ansell too really inject the song with power. This particularly holds true for the songs conclusion. A song that is pretty perfect for when you think the world is against you or if you just feel angry of frustrated. The lyrics and the music having a purpose as opposed to today’s heavy guitar tracks. Their new self titled album is out now. Expect a review soon!

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