Single Review – The Horrors – So Now You Know

With a level of eagerness that is quickly going off the scale; we were given an extra dose of what is to come from Luminous with the first single off the album ‘So Now You Know’. The song gradually whips up an atmospheric and sonic energy with the lost guitars and the faith synth chords breaking though it and emerging as the driving force of the next stage of the song. The bass line is on it’s own path but still backing up the more feather like elements of the instrumental structure. Faris’ vocals seem to have both qualities of a deep rooted tone but a lightweight and floating quality as a result of the echo applied. The synths engage in a slow motion siren and is joined by a multitude of other synth sounds before Josh tears through the clouds of rotating synths and floating vocals with his sheer awesome shredding guitar sound that he’s able to grind a tune and melody out of. This song is a more glistening and springy event that is glorious in it’s form and production. With some truly great albums being released over the last month, The Horrors have a lot to live up to, but you’d think if anyone can rise to the task, it is them.

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