Single Review – The Black Keys – Fever

The Black Keys return from 2011/12’s El Camino with a new single entitled ‘Fever’ and an announcement of their new album Turn Blue which will be set for a May 13th release. El Camino was a raw garage and blues rock triumph and their has been a string of albums that have featured heavy and brash distorted guitars. A bigger shift in sound was certainly needed and it will an opportunity for them to reaffirm their talent. ‘Fever’ offers up that initial changing sound. It features snappy percussion, a more prominent bass line generating a driving buzz in the immediate background. The chiming bursts from the old style synths add that hook and melody of repeating effectiveness. The vocals are scaled up and added to on the chorus to continue the enhancement of latching on to the listener and it does so well. The guitars on this track are merely here for ballast to the song as they have opted for other routes for their primary functions. An intriguing first track from the album that leaves room for improvement but is a good enough first step.

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