Two Wings – Interview

Two Wings are a highly intriguing and talented group from Glasgow whose wonderful single ‘Peace Fear’ I looked at just over a week back. They kindly answered some questions on their origins, influences, playing outside the U.K and about recording their upcoming album ‘A Wake’.

Who makes up Two Wings and what are  you about?

Hanna Tuulikki, Lucy Duncombe, Kenneth Wilson, Owen Curtis Williams and myself (Ben Reynolds). Hanna and Lucy do the vocals, Kenneth bass and vocals, Owen drums and me guitar and vocals. We’ve also very recently added an extra guitar to the band in the shape of Jody Henderson!

What we’re about? We’re about rock n roll and all the good things. We also like songs about love and death… both happy and sad ones.

How did Two Wings form?

We formed after Hanna and I were playing for a while as a duo and wanted to develop the songs we’d been playing with a full band. We asked Kenneth and our original drummer David Hayward to come and jam with us, and it instantly felt like the way forward. After that Lucy joined us and we started working on fuller harmony arrangements for the vocals. Thus Two Wings was born!

What are the main influencing factors to Two Wings sound?

Hanna and I as songwriters have a lot of love for classic pop music of every era up to the present. This combined with our background dabbling in traditional folk music, blues and experimental music came out with the ‘Two Wings sound’ I guess.

How would you compare your first album to ‘A Wake’? Was it more difficult to get a second album made?

‘A Wake’ for me is a much fuller expression of what we wanted Two Wings to be than our first record, ‘Love’s Spring’. There was quite a long ‘post-production’ period with ‘A Wake’ where we were able to try different things within the mixing process to capture the sound/feeling we were going for.

It wasn’t more difficult especially. I think we knew better what we wanted this time. The writing/making of the first record was a learning experience for us all and second time round things seemed a lot clearer (for me at least).

Where was the album recorded? Was the recording process a good experience?

We made it at Farheath Studios in the beautiful Northamptonshire countryside. We spent a week bunking there while we got the basic tracks down, which was a great experience… being cut off from the world in the middle of nowhere concentrating on nothing but the music. We then took the tracks back to Glasgow where we worked on overdubs at Diving Bell Studio… that was when the brass and a lot of the keys got put down.

What is ‘Peace Fear’ about musically and lyrically?

Hanna wrote the lyrics to this one and in her words they are “broadly speaking, about the difficulty and hopes of overcoming our various fears, to find some kind of peaceful way of being”. Musically it’s got quite a lot of drama (I hope)… we wanted it to have a lot of power and impact rhythmically so we did a lot of work on the drums in the mixing stage. Also the heavy synth atmospherics were a big part of capturing the drama of the song.

What would you say has been your favourite gig/venue to play at?

We love playing live, so it’d be hard to choose a favourite. I enjoyed playing at Kings Place in London. I’m usually more of a basement rock n roll venue kind of guy, but on this occasion I really appreciated the incredible quality of the sound etc. We also enjoyed our trip to Toronto last year to play at the NXNE festival. This was our first trip out of the country as this band, and we were really lucky to meet and play with some great musicians.

Is there anywhere you’d like to like to play at that you haven’t visited yet?

We’ve not yet played on the continent as Two Wings, so that’s something we’ll hopefully get out and do this year or next. Playing anywhere is always a pleasure though! Of course it’s always fun to see new places in the process…

What’s next for Two Wings?

Lots of writing and playing live we hope. As I said earlier, we’ve just added Jody as a new guitarist, so we’ll be developing the songs along with his contributions in the coming months. And hopefully we’ll be back in the studio to record album number 3 once we’ve got these new songs on the road!

Thanks to Two Wings for the answers! Look out for their second album A Wake on April 14th.

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