Sunday Suggestion – Pulp – Babies

Back in 1993 there was a real sense of excitement and anticipation after the drain of mainstream music in the late 80s and early 90s. One of those triggering such intrigue and interest was an experienced group of musicians from Sheffield who had been plugging away for around a decade to no avail. That band was Pulp. Fast forward twenty one years, and they are of legendary status, but even now Jarvis and the rest just tell it like it is. He still has those West Yorkshire tones in his voice instead of a forced trans-Atlantic accent and his moves have always been far more natural than more recent Sheffield frontmen. He’s just never tried to be something he is not and that is something that has lived on through the music; evocative of later emerging Britpop acts and culture. A track of many to really shove Pulp up into everyone’s ear holes was ‘Babies’. A cascading riff that is worthy of the indie title is fed into the awaiting instrumentals by a middling, glistening synth. The bouncing riffs, the snappy pluck of another, the mimicking bass line and the electronic tinge on top of the echoed percussion all work harmoniously to usher in one of the last creative twitches of British musicianship that is Britpop. With the various elements combining, Jarvis’ vocal with it’s deep monotone standard easily sits above the instrumentals, making the witty and unwavering lyrics an integral part of the track too. Pulp songs always have the narrative nature to them, which engrosses you more so than the music with the “I went with her cause she looks like you, My God!” line almost acting as the lyrical hook or punch line. This reflecting an era of brutal honesty and sound narratives as a whole. Jarvis almost encapsulated the entire hipster movement at it’s root. “They were desperate to say that “oh I went to this great café. It was really authentic. The cutlery was all dirty””

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