Single Review – Davidge feat. Cate Le Bon – Gallant Foxes

Neil Davidge has quite the CV as a producer. He’s worked with a whole host of top line artists from David Bowie, Damon Albarn and even Snoop Dog! The Bristolian has only now decided to release his own material and for this single, he has Cate Le Bon on vocal duties. The song has a retro, mechanical churning from the synths that are layered atop the urgent and rapid drum samples. This is contrasted by the sweeping and wistful vocals from Cate Le Bon and these are flattered further by the accompanying pianos and lighter synth chords. The song fades into a broken and eerie piano mismatch until the whirring synths come and take the song back to it’s starting point. A very slick and tidy track that maximises the contrast between vocals and instrumentals with effective results. The more natural wistfulness against the synthetic sounds. Be sure to check out his new album Slo Light.


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