Sunday Suggestion – Buffalo Springfield – Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

For such a short time together, Buffalo Springfield made quite an impact between 1966 and 68 and a more lasting legacy through the careers of Neil Young, Stephen Stills etc. They were also part of the counter wave to the British Invasion of the world a few years previous, taking influence from them, but adding their own flair and style to it. ‘Flying On The Ground Is Wrong’ was the seventh track of their self titled debut released in September 1966. Not quite capturing the growing free spirited and experimental nature of the months to come, but certainly a relaxed and easy track. Richie Furay takes the lead vocal with this track and the delicate, light sweeping riff is coupled with Richie’s easy listening, gentle and slightly imperfect vocal. When the faithful backing vocals are added, it makes for a light, floating and wistful tune with simple melodies and hooks. A song that always evokes a chilled and summery mid afternoon atmosphere for me or a song to soothe your worries for just under three minutes but nevertheless a neat little track.

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