Two Wings – A Wake Review

Two Wings are a great mix of British folk varieties, big American riffs and a hint of psychedelica for a curious and intriguing combination of sounds and styles. They formed in Glasgow and their second album A Wake is out tomorrow on April 14th.

‘Peace Fear’ is a song that opens with slowly falling synths before immediately taking an unexpected turn with the large, cascading lead guitar riff taking over with the springed rhythm guitar and synths make up that section. Those synths and the echoed percussion draw out and expand the sound slightly and this is done even more so by the vocal of Hanna Tuulikki which floats up around the higher tones of the song. A vocal that evokes such delicateness yet emerges with moments of cool and easy power. They are backed up and manipulated well by the backing vocals and the whole vocal arrangement fits into the musical arrangement seamlessly. The most delicate of vocals tone occurring when the music is at it’s most stripped back and the moments of power and harmony as most of the elements are at work. ‘A Wake To The Dream’ is musically rather simple with the trickling riffs and acoustic parts. These are a sideshow to the vocal harmonies and combinations in how they act as the instrumentation themselves. The soaring higher reaches, the deeper anchoring vocal bound together by the hanging harmonies in-between. Combined, they pull the song upwards and take it down with minimal input from instrumentals which seems like a pretty good call.

‘Adieu’ opens with those highly charged licks from the lead guitar which do seem to evoke a little bit of power ballad cheese before introducing us to the vocal quality. This generates a light, sweeping and swooning quality that gives the big, powerful guitar parts more use and connection in terms of the feel of the song. ‘You Give Me Love’ is cool and easy sounding track with the songs fell and tempo rooted in the low lying bass line. More of a simple nostalgic foray that anything else with the nice contrast of the vocals sitting across the bass line. ‘Loveless’ is one of the more instrumentally involved tracks with the guitars and percussion leading the vocals onwards to those heavier hits of sound that breaks up the verses. The vocals sweep, soar and slice though it all with great ease and the music just goes on to enhance this with a lavish but delicate feel. The album as a whole is full of those nostalgic and warm events but there are time when they really do go beyond that with grasping vocal forms and harmony. It is a solid album nonetheless. Every track is delivered faithfully and crisply and from this I think they can really build and grow from what can be a tough second album, but one they’ve encountered well.

Two Wings – A Wake =7.5/10

Take a look at an interview I did with them last month

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