Single Review – Lana Del Rey – West Coast

Lana Del Rey has returned in the run up to her Ultraviolence LP which is set for a June 2nd release, which could prove to be perfect timing for her to take advantage of the summer sound for 2014. Her third album is produced by The Black Key’s Dan Auberach which is a smart move as he’s successfully produced a few groups now as well as co producing The Black Keys albums. Perhaps the main gain is that it is just one producer and not the multitude she had for Born To Die. It was an album that fell down as some songs were produced far better than others and this is a problem she won’t have this time around and it will only be a good thing for her. ‘West Coast is the first single off Ultraviolence and the progression is evident from the off. The sleek, streamlined sound is given life by the oscillating sounds and the refined melodic riffs feeding off it. It generates a fluid sound that changes shape for the chorus and just as easily slip backs into the verses. On top of this, it is intertwined with what is Lana’s more tuneful and haunting vocal that is spread finely to filter back into the sounds while the main body of her vocal sweeps over verse and chorus and the songs dynamic structure showcases just what she can do as a vocalist. To see the advancement of this track alone against her last album is pretty damn exciting and more than I expected. It’s brilliant to be proved wrong and I hope the fundamentals of this track are carried on through to the rest of the album.

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