Single Review – MOVIE – Ads

MOVIE are a brand new band from South London that is lead by Korean frontman Theo Spark. They’ve already been compared to the likes of Blur, Talking Heads, Bowie, which is of course very high praise so soon. For now though, let’s just see what their own sound is with their upcoming debut single ‘Ads’ which is out on June 9th. Lyrically this track is of how a deluge of advertising can lead to feelings of inadequacy and anger. It opens with the twanged, undulating lead riff of which the other elements latch on to. The song has a winding and twisting hook as a result and it makes the song what it is in that sense. The vocals have simple yet effective harmonies and the vocal structure is fun with it’s laid back sort of energetic appeal. It is a wonderful piece of pop music which has not been heard for a while. You can certainly see bits of Blur, Bowie and Talking Heads in their music, but it is only a minimal influencing factor on this track which is how it should be. I look forward to what they produce next and keep a look out for ‘Ads’



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