Single Review – Sky Ferreira – I Blame Myself

Sky Ferreira is someone I failed to review last year which was a bit of a crime on my part considering her debut album Night Time, My Time was pretty damn good. Even more so for a debut. It was pop music at it’s finest and at it’s deepest depths and it was well worth the praise. ‘I Blame Myself’ is the latest single from the album and is the most ‘light hearted’ from it and the most true to pop norms and standards, yet it’s still well beyond your average pop drone. The song is a delicate object musically; that’s made up of a soft edged dance beat and gently bouncing synths that add a fine layer of melody for Sky to add her harmonious and equally resonant and pleasing on the ear vocal. The lyrics are a personal exploration and she makes no attempt to hide or mislead from that with how she says “I blame myself for my reputation” amongst other genuine lyrical moments. The same is also true for aspects of her video too. The song fades out into several vocal echoes that draw across one another and this leads smoothly towards the final chorus which was ever so subtly built up to a peak before it loosens it’s strings and fades out. A great track and one that couldn’t be more different to the title track but one that remains lyrically enthralling.


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