Single Review – Manic Street Preachers – Walk Me To The Bridge

On July 7th the Manics will release their twelfth studio album Futurology which, as promised is a quick turnaround from last years Rewind The Film which was the most profound Manics record for over a decade entwined around dark acoustic undertones with electronic forays to deliver lyrics of reflection and depth. This album is expected to be more up tempo and a little more akin to the ‘traditional’ Manics sound. The first track to be officially unveiled from the album is ‘Walk Me To The Bridge’ which is a track that opens with a wonderful jolting riff with an indelible canorous tinge, opening the track with slick tenacity and purpose. Alongside it runs it with James Dean Bradfield’s close and slightly warm sounding vocal before it the bursts with the light of electronically charged pop chords set against the heavy beat, bass line and shimmering guitars along with the now razor sharp vocal from James. It’s by no means the greatest song they’ve ever produced but it has a infections rhythm and that added lyrical dimension that you can usually expect from a Manics track. Make sure you mark July 7th down for their twelfth album as it will probably be well worth a look.

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