Free Download -TOWNS – Too Tired

TOWNS are a Bristolian band on Howling Owl Records and ply a trade on shoegaze tinged 60’s and 90’s melodies which could generate a real interesting and intriguing concept. Their debut album Get By should be a pretty sound test of this and it’s out on June 2nd. To give a taste of what to expect, they have released album track ‘Too Tired’ as a free download and it’s reflective of that shoegaze sound tied up with classic rock melodies and rhythms. The track opens with guitars soaked with distortion and modulation and this creates a unconventional yet flowing rhythm that maintains a constant sonic charge for the song as it it’s sound expands upon itself and is anchored down more by the percussion. The vocals can often become drowned out by this close up sound that should usually be expansive, however it is light and airy enough set itself apart from the music initially by the echo allows it to be absorbed by the prominent guitar sound along with its effects. The song certainly deals with the combination of sounds well through a subtle yet noticeable body of instrumentals and the track is a one of the best free downloads around and leaves potential for the album which should be worth a look. 

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