The Hamiltons – Interview!


I recently put some questions to Robert Hamilton of New York’s favourite band: The Hamiltons about the late Cranford Hamilton Nix, The recording process of their current album and the bands they’ve played with that have impressed them the most amonst other things…

For those who don’t know, who makes up The Hamiltons and what are you about? 
Robert Hamilton- Lead Vocals, Guitar, Co- Producer. Robert is also the Band Manager and is the CEO of The Hamiltons
Bobby Black Hamilton, Guitars, Vocals
Shane Sanders Hamilton,Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar, Bass,
Jesse Wozniak Hamilton, Drums Percussion, Studio Engineer, Co-Producer
Paul Barning Hamilton Bass Guitar, Vocals

What sort of influences and sounds can your music be linked with? 
The Rolling Stones, Chuck Berry, Cheap Trick, Tom Petty, Johnny Cash

Cranford Hamilton Nix still has his mark on ‘In Cranford We Trust’. What were his best traits as a musician?
He followed his heart and not trends to write great songs people could identify with and last the test of time

What was the creating and recording process like for this album? How does it differ from previous albums you’ve done?
Just Like the good old school records that most of us love, this record was spontaneous and fresh, I (Robert) showed the guys the songs, they were rehearsed a couple times through then we pressed record and did minimal overdubs. We all came together to play for the songs and not ourselves. That was the most refreshing part for me as the last record I made was a little to contrived and mechanical or at least the recording process was. I’m a musician not a math student!

Is there a particular song from the album that stands out for you? Or best encapsulates the album as a whole?
They all came out so well but the opening song song: No Time To Lose really sets the tone for a fun rocking good record

Out of all the bands you’ve played alongside, who impressed you the most and why?
I would have to say playing with Grand Funk Railroad last summer on the Detroit Riverfront as their who crew were really nice, kind & the band just kicked serious ass like the old days. Lots of good energy there

Which gig or venue did you enjoy and remember the most?
Bobby & myself (Robert) played acoustic & opened for Sonny Landreth & Cindy Cashdollar  (Jimmy Buffet, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams, Van Morrison) @ Callahan’s in Auburn Hills MI. this past April. The fans were really into us & totally got the vibe  as was Sonny & Cindy and their crew. We made many new friends that night and were totally awed by the whole experience

What do you think Rock music had in the past that it does not have now?
GREAT SONGS that are FUN! That is what The Hamiltons mission is, to play Rock n Roll the way it was meant to be and take rock music back to where it came from

Where are the Hamiltons playing next?
We have a couple shows lined up May 30th & 31st in New York (31st in Brooklyn @ The Trash Bar) then its back to Callahan’s in Michigan for our full band show playing with Detroit’s Roots Rockers and brothers of ours Horse Cave Trio. We are lining up a few festivals as well as more shows on our 2014 Angels of Light Tour. We will be in Chicago in September and are adding more shows everyday so check us out on the web @ The Hamiltons to keep up as we things are starting to move at a much faster pace now, so watch out!
Thanks to Robert Hamilton for the answers! Keep an eye out for The Hamiltons gigs this year and be sure to take a look at ‘In Cranford We Trust’

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