Single Review – Saint Anges – Old Bone Rattle

Saint Agnes is a project from Jon Tufnell and Kitty Austen from London. Their new single ‘Old Bone Rattle’ comes out on June 10th and is evocative of a sort of rough and ready American Western outpost with it’s upfront and heavy blues sound which makes The Black Keys seem rather prim and proper. Those big, grinding guitars are broken out to open the track with a reverberated tune that features throughout along that stomping percussion in the background. It’s set apart by the brilliant vocal harmonies of Jon and Kitty which gives the song that added dimension. The wiry organ interludes carve out more depth and elements of light and shades to wind up and wind down the bigger sounds instead of a relentless thrashing of guitars. This song isn’t going to change the face of music, but they’ve provided another angle on a blues rock approach which is delivered effortlessly. They play The Sebright Arms on July 10th to unveil the single which is available on vinyl too. Amongst the support acts are The Franklys so it’s well worth a night of your time.

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