Sunday Suggestion – Metronomy – The Bay

Metronomy unveiled their fourth studio album with Love Letters and showcased a generally solid album with a direct approach in a genuine analogue electronic fashion. However, for me their third album The English Riviera saw them at their creative and engaging peak. ‘The Look’ is a single from that album which steals away a lot of the limelight from the album’s track list and this strikes as odd given the subtle and soft production and delivery. It’s the bolder and more flamboyant tracks of the album such as ‘The Bay’ that hit me in a more obvious fashion, for as potent as ‘The Look’ is. The springed rotation of the synths that open the track soon change to rich and sharp strikes as the crisp and heavy bass line anchors the song while giving the song that driving beat. The clear production has Joe’s vocals taking their place in front of the prominent sounds and they are accentuated with briefs slips into a dulled falsetto and high toned backing vocals to focus upon the melody of the instrumentals. The song efficiently rumbles along in the lead up to the chorus which ushers in bright and sonically and melodically charged chorus. This song is yet another clear example of how clean cut production is not the enemy and that you can still make a warm and sun-kissed track without losing musicality.

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