Single Review – JAWS – Be Slowly

Birmingham’s JAWS are set to finally release their debut album Be Slowly on September 15th after a smattering of tracks and an EP over the last year or so. They’ve also announced a set of dates that they have embarked on a few days ago and will finish by the end of September, so if you wish to get an early glimpse of Be Slowly then I suggest you get yourself there. Another idea of the album’s sound comes in the form of the release of it’s title track. A track that makes a sudden burst with a Cure evocative riff and feel and the song does well to maintain a set path of hooks and melodies while still being able to wash the song out through large amounts of echo and reverb. The vocals just about make themselves known but it’s the music that is guiding the vocal on this occasion. Any more positives, however are fleeting. It not only sounds similar to The Cure, but pretty much is The Cure and no amount of echo can change that. The echo itself is a cheap sort of add on thrown on in what can only seem to be some vague attempt to be ‘trippy’ for the festival season. It is by no means the integrated washed out and sonically charged bursts and waves of Tame Impala or other Kevin Parker productions. The vocals and dull lyrics fade into obscurity by how the could be a special delivery from Harrison Koisser or even Dan Smith and they are hardly worthy aspirators. I’m sure all the hipster kids will love it on their Ket or whatever but you shouldn’t need a drug to make something sound good and even then it doesn’t change the fact that this one is decidedly average as the once promising B-Town scene becomes a dreary and lethargic slog.

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