Single Review – Lana Del Rey – Shades of Cool

Lana Del Rey continues the intrigue over her upcoming third studio album Ultraviolence and follows up on the release of the dazzling ‘West Coast’ last month. It showed early signs of promise from the Dan Auerbach produced album and could be a sign of the how albums potential as a whole. This will likely be the result of having just a single producer and one with experience at the other side of the microphone with The Black Keys as opposed to having several with Born To Die. ‘Shades of Cool’ still has that wonderfully distant and subdued feel of the previous single, but unlike the undulating pulse of ‘West Coast’; this track is a delicately formed ballad with the traditional thin instrumental arrangement with strings, the gentle pluck of the guitar and the brush of the snare drum. This song is made by Lana’s vocal. It trembles and rises to higher tones with comfortable effortlessness and is more of a fragile, floating swoon as opposed to the more driven and direct vocal of the previous track. The big guitar solo breaks the entrancement a little, but it just as gracefully falls back into place. If this track has taught us anything, it’s that Lana is becoming a far more versatile vocalist and this is perhaps been unlocked by Auerbach and his production.

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