Sunday Suggestion – Gorillaz – Stylo

‘Stylo’ from Gorillaz’s 2010 album Plastic Beach is for me, the group at their peak with Damon Albarn further expanding his web of connections and pool of musical sources to form the complete Gorillaz idea. This song is the perfect example of Albarn’s mindset going into this album. It’s dark, soulful but modern at the same time. The heavy electronic pulses maintain an edge to the track which is thinly glazed over by a number of softly reverberating synths. This urgency and uneasiness is added to by the confident firing of lyrics from Mos Def in a distant and faraway echo. Damon comes in with harmonies behind him in a tuneful chant before going into his own eerie swoon as it goes off is a swirl of electronic charge, From this emerges the raw and real power of Bobby Womack’s soulful bursts of improvised lyrics. The synths almost wind him up and watch him go, while Damon and the backing vocals continue the chant behind along with the pulsating synths that end a whirring and rotating fashion. A wonderful piece of innovative music, clashing old and new with ease and precision.

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