Single Review – Bleached – For The Feel

Following on form their debut LP Ride Your Heart last year; California’s Bleached are back in time to spread some more lo-fi swooning and dreaming for the summer. They are to release a digital EP entitled For The Feel on Dead Ocean records on July 22nd. The title track is the first release from it as the Clavin sisters let us know that they haven’t moved too far in about a year, but still sound rather engaging and fun is that’s worth anything. The driving jingle of the guitars are met with urgent and short percussion that tumbles to your feet before and during each chorus. Jen Clavin’s vocal sweeps over the track in a dreamy and classic pop rock fashion as it did so well for the duo’s debut last year. Besides that though it isn’t very much different. The drums perhaps sound a little more upfront which sharpens the beat somewhat, but apart from that and a little more directness; then this track would fit hand in glove into Ride Your Heart. It is only a summer EP though from what I can see and though it plucks up a lot of personal enjoyment, you would hope for something a little more substantial for their next album.


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